June 2022

SAMUDRA ART PRIZE – Prize giving ceremony


AND IT'S A WRAP!! Ti ene zoli voyaz avec Samudra Art Prize, kot plizier artistes in met zot l'emotion a l'oeuvre. Nou messaz reste touzour parey : Nou ena ene sel lamer, ene sel planete. Anou fer nou part saken. Felicitations a tou ban artistes! Sunny - A proud sponsor of the Best Artist [...]

SAMUDRA ART PRIZE – Prize giving ceremony2022-07-20T21:18:24+04:00



Introducing our latest launch: Chop Suey Readymade sauce. This sauce will provide that distinct oriental flavour to a variety of stir fried dishes. This Chop Suey sauce will make your cooking easy and super delicious. Check out our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts on the product: https://www.facebook.com/sunnyfoodcanners/

CHOP SUEY SAUCE (NEW)2022-07-20T20:52:59+04:00

Smoozee Benefits Alert!


Let’s talk about smoothies! A smoothie is a thick beverage and is made from a variety of ingredients placed in a blender. The ingredients are then pureed until you have a smooth concoction. Our Smoozee is made out of three fruits, mainly; Peach Helps preserve skin health – smoother skin Helps with bloating & [...]

Smoozee Benefits Alert!2022-08-05T16:27:34+04:00

The right booster you need for winter!


In winter, we need vitamins to strengthen our immune system and boost our morale! To refuel, what could be better than our delicious 100% pure Sunny fruit juices, to be enjoyed at any time of the day? Check out our Facebook Page and leave us your thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/sunnyfoodcanners/

The right booster you need for winter!2022-08-05T16:20:04+04:00



Brace yourself! Our Sunny 100% Orange Fruit Juice is here to give you the boost you need this winter! Our orange juice does not only taste good but it is packed with healthy nutrients. With only one glass, it can do wonders to your body. Few of the many benefits of orange juice [...]

WINTER IS HERE2022-08-05T16:20:27+04:00

May 2022

Myth Busters: Processes of canned foods


Today, let’s look at the processes of canned foods; Step 1- Processing: Fruits and vegetables are washed and often peeled, cut, chopped or pitted before canning. Certain varieties of fruits and vegetables may be blanched beforehand.  For example; Dried beans are hydrated and blanched. Once the food is prepared, the cans are filled with [...]

Myth Busters: Processes of canned foods2022-06-13T17:12:27+04:00

Samudra Art Prize


Sunny Food Canners is proud to announce that it is sponsoring the first edition of the Samudra Art Prize. Samudra has 2 main objectives of celebrating art and raising awareness about the marine ecosystem. These objectives are important to us. We are happy to support the talents of artists while caring for our lagoons. [...]

Samudra Art Prize2022-06-30T18:56:04+04:00

Eid Mubarak!


        On the 2nd of May, the ending of a month long dawn to sunset fasting of Ramadan was celebrated. May this Eid be full with of blessings for you and your family. Sunny wishes everyone celebrating, Eid Mubarak !            

Eid Mubarak!2022-06-13T17:55:46+04:00

Happy Labour Day


  A team is the backbone of an organization.   On this Labor Day, we take the opportunity to express our gratitude to our labor force and all the employees who have stood side by side to ensure great progress and accomplishments! We appreciate each of you for working hard, sharing ideas, creating a culture [...]

Happy Labour Day2022-06-13T17:41:13+04:00
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