August 2021

July 2021

Win with Sunny!


U WIN!ūüéĀ Loads of gifts to win ūüėčūüėč Buy any Sunny Product and get an additional Sunny product on presentation of your receipt to our hostesses.

Win with Sunny!2021-08-27T16:11:29+04:00

Fluffy pancake dipped in Sunny Honey


When it's taking too long to take the picture and you have been craving to eat this fluffy pancake dipped in Sunny Honey.  Adish Balkissoon nearly eating half of the pancake  and we can't blame him. Our Sunny Honey is that good. 

Fluffy pancake dipped in Sunny Honey2021-08-10T15:30:28+04:00

June 2021

Rougaille crevettes


Kan sa lenvi rougaille crevettes la pren ou sa..  Pena pli facile ki Sunny so satini crevettes avk ene farata pou fer ou tombe amoureuz avek mazer lakaz  

Rougaille crevettes2021-08-02T14:31:21+04:00

Canned food As good as Fresh?


" Canned food As good as Fresh? "  While the taste and texture of canned products may not be compared to the fresh, they will actually still provide many of the same nutrients and minerals. Check out the link: https://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/canned-vs-fresh-fruits-and-vegetables.html?fbclid=IwAR3ElY9FRgKuUoGe4e9KtYcPdtqlJ-GwlsxNlAS4fhD9L1BDorkLcW-A6wE    

Canned food As good as Fresh?2021-08-02T14:18:08+04:00

Fries & Sunny Ketchup – Best Combination Ever!


Fries & Sunny Ketchup  is the BEST combination ever.  A little bonding time between Melissa Blackburn and Elliot.  P.s (During the shoot, we had to take those pictures quickly because Elliot couldn't resist eating the fries with Sunny Ketchup)  Where are the fries & Sunny Ketchup lovers?     

Fries & Sunny Ketchup – Best Combination Ever!2021-08-02T14:02:04+04:00
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