Sunny has been in the Mauritian cuisine for five decades now, making it one of the leading Mauritian brand. It has won the hearts and trust of several generations with its great quality and food security.
Sunny is the Number One Mauritian Brand in terms of top-of mind according to a research done by DCDM research, the leading consultancy and research company.

Our History

Established in 1968, Food Canners Ltd is one of the pioneers of the food industry in Mauritius. The company started as an import substitution manufacturing company back in the 1960s and throughout the years it has expanded its selection of products to cater for the Mauritian consumers both in terms of food quality, taste and food security. It is today one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the country.

  • High quality products

  • Exciting New Products innovation

  • Putting Food Hygiene and Food Safety first

  • Strong Quality Control Systems

  • Investment in the latest manufacturing technology


From its very inception, Food Canners Ltd positioned itself as an innovative market player. In the sixties, the company was the first—and only—manufacturer of bottled fruit juice in an era of sugary fizzy drinks. Over the years, Food Canners Ltd innovated its assembly line, investing heavily in state-of-the-art technology, including Tetra Pak, a game-changer.

Tetra Pak’s aseptic packaging :

  • protects the juice’s nutritional value without the need for refrigeration, additives or preservatives.
  • gives the juice a better and fresher taste
  • is eco-friendly as the packaging is made from paper board.
  • only uses paper board from known and renewable sources.

Tetra Pak, the No 1 multinational supplier of systems for processing, packaging and distribution of liquid and food products enabled Sunny to become a household name. Sunny’s products are packaged in a way that offer convenience, easy opening, and optimal shelf life.

In 2013, Food Canners Ltd was the first company outside Europe and the United States to implement the HeliCap, a one-step cap that combines the opening and foil seal or pull-tab in one convenient twist. The founder, Jacques Li Wan Po, had achieved his goal of creating quality products in bottles, cans and Tetra Brik cartons that were readily available to a large segment of the population.

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